Celebrity Fakes

The last few years have seen an alarming surge in the number of ‘deepfake’ videos, where technology is used to take an existing video and replace the people involved with somebody else's likeness.

And while these types of videos have popped up in a few different ways, such as to create ‘fake news’, their most common use is in the world of pornography, with the faces of celebrities being placed into explicit videos.

Deepfake pornography isn’t yet a crime in itself, although those who produce it could still face charges of harassment, and victims could claim defamation or copyright. In addition, many websites such as Pornhub have banned the videos, although many can still be found on the site.

So, which celebrities are the biggest targets when it comes to deepfake and other types of fake porn videos?

Most Faked


The celeb with the overall highest number of fake porn videos was rapper Nicki Minaj, with 540 videos featuring her name in the title, closely followed by Ariana Grande (526) and Cardi B (460).

Rounding out the top five most faked celebs were singers Rihanna (418) and Selena Gomez (414), while the British celebrity with the highest number was ex-Harry Potter star, Emma Watson.






Number of Fake
Porn Videos

Most Faked


Of the 100 celebrities that we looked at, musicians were by far the most likely to fall victim to fake porn videos, with 5,110 total videos.

The names of film and TV stars featured in 1,375 fake porn videos, with Emma Watson the actress with the most videos featuring her name.

There were 636 fake videos of reality stars, almost half of which were of Kim Kardashian, and 246 for models.


5,110 Fake Porn Videos

Film & TV

1,375 Fake Porn Videos


636 Fake Porn Videos


246 Fake Porn Videos



There was a far higher level of fake porn videos produced for female celebrities than male, with 92.67% featuring female celebrities and just 7.33% featuring males.



Fake Porn Videos




Fake Porn Videos



We took a list of the 100 most followed celebrities on Instagram, according to Trackalytics, limiting our list to celebrities over 18 who are well known in the UK/USA.

For each celebrity, we went through all search results and manually counted the number of videos listed on Pornhub with their name in the title and discredited any that clearly didn't include a deepfake or fake version of them in the video.

Note that not all results are necessarily fake porn videos, as some may include real sex tapes or non-pornographic videos that have been uploaded to Pornhub (which is the case for a number of male musicians on the list).

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