Famous Felons

While it can be hard to imagine why someone with so much fame and wealth would ever fall foul of the law, celebrities have to abide by it just the same as anybody else.

From petty crimes to ones which have resulted in serious jail time, you might just be surprised at some of the famous faces who have found themselves in trouble with the law.

Which Celebrities Have Been Arrested the Most

You may expect the celebrity with the most arrests on our list to be someone with a violent past, or perhaps a celeb who has struggled with drink and drugs.

However, you may be surprised to know that Martin Sheen of Apocalypse Now and The West Wing has actually racked up 66 arrests for civil disobedience and protesting over the years, as a dedicated political activist.

Following Sheen, it’s slightly less surprising to see Libertines frontman, Pete Doherty, with the second-highest number of arrests, with 26 (that we know of!), the majority of which were related to drugs, but also include car theft, burglary and assault.

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Most Common Celebrity Crimes

Aside from the countless civil disobedience arrests amassed by Martin Sheen (as well as a couple for Jane Fonda too), the most common crime committed by the celebrities we included in our study, was assault, with 33 arrests.

Celebs with multiple assault arrests to their name include rapper ASAP Rocky, who was recently involved in a long legal battle over an incident in Sweden (his third arrest for the offence), and UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who has recently been arrested both for an attack on the bus of his rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, as well as for punching a man in a Dublin pub last year.

Following assault, the next most common crimes were driving under the influence (31), and possession of both marijuana (28) and cocaine (18).

Most Common Crimes Ranked


Number of Arrests

Most Common Crimes by Industry

When we look at how the crimes break down across the different sectors of celebrity such as music and film and TV, we see that there are some pretty clear differences.

For example, musicians were most likely to be picked up for drug offences, with many having multiple convictions for possession, as well as some for dealing too.

Film and TV stars, on the other hand, were mostly arrested for vehicular offences, usually for driving while intoxicated.

Perhaps most concerning though is that almost 40% of the arrests of sports stars were for violent crimes such as assault, battery and even murder.

Most Common Crimes by Industry Ranked









We’ve compiled a list of 75 notable celebrities who have been
arrested, using a number of articles from around the web, including:










We then primarily used NNDB to find out exactly which crimes they have been convicted for,
as well as news articles if arrest information was unavailable.

Note that not all arrests are necessarily public knowledge, especially if they took place before the celebrity was famous, so some may have had even more than those listed.

Also note that we’re referring to arrests, rather than convictions, so in some cases, charges may have been dropped or the celebrity may have been found not guilty of the crimes listed above.

We’re also only looking at criminal offences, as opposed to any civil proceedings.

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